About Us

We Are Not Just A Travel Company

Our mission is to be your local compañero — your trusted companion — on your journey of experiencing the rich cultural landscape of our beautiful Guatemala. Unlike your typical travel company, we want to get to know you (like, really know you) and understand what makes you tick. We’re all about gaining a deeper understanding of our guests, our team and the communities around us so we can empower you to get to know our favorite place on earth in a truly meaningful way.

Our vision is that after being immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Guatemala, you will feel a newfound appreciation for not only our Central American paradise, but the global community as a whole. When you board your return flight home, our goal is that you’ll take with you memories, gratitude and friends that you won’t soon forget.

Our Values:
Here’s what you can expect when you travel with us.

Quality Over Quantity. We believe that authenticity isn’t always found on a map or “Top 10” list, and after you travel with us, we think you will too. We’re going to let you in on all of our local secrets, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Community and Consideration. Supporting the communities we work in and people within them is at the heart of everything we do. After all, if it weren’t for them, we’d be out of work! We hope to share Guatemala with you through our collective passion, storytelling and expertise in a way that is collaborative and mutually enlightening for everyone involved.

Intention and Mindfulness. We invite you to forget everything you’ve read about hiring a travel company. Exceeding expectations is what we live for and each detail of the experiences we create is made with our guests in mind. We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” model, so when you travel with us, be prepared for some pleasant surprises (and a lot of fun).

Meet Your Compañeros

The Best of Guatemala gets even better when you experience your trip with a passionate and knowledgeable guide. Our professional local guides grant each guest exclusive access to hidden treasures and unique experiences. Make your Guatemalan vacation truly spectacular with the comfort of your own private tour guide.


Your Local Friend & Expert Tour Guide

Certified by INGUAT (Guatemalan Institute of Tourism), Esteban started working in the tourism industry when he was 18 years old. He became interested in the industry while sharing his passion for his country with a group of foreigners he had met. During this discussion he realized the significance of his beautiful country and learned he would never need to go elsewhere to find the adventure, nature, and history that Guatemala has to offer. Esteban’s passion for his work exudes from him with every tour he guides. He loves what he does! Studying at INTECAP has given him the insight into the cultural heritage, architecture, and history of Guatemala that he enjoys sharing with others.


Your Local Friend & Expert Tour Guide

Juan (J.J.) spent much of his childhood traveling in North and Central America. He is considered Ladino, which is a mixture of two of the three Latin American cultures found in Guatemala. He is passionate about his country and its rich Mayan culture and traditions and enjoys archeology and sharing with others the remains of such an influential civilization. His dream come true has been the opportunity to guide visitors through more than 2,000 years of culture and history, its people, traditions, languages, cuisines, colors, and everything related to living the Mayan experience. Certified by INGUAT and educated by INTECAP, J.J. gets to live his dream by sharing his culture, Guatemala’s nature, and also his love of coffee.


Your Local Friend & Logistic Manager

Caty is passionate about the Mayan culture. In her childhood she would find herself dressing in traditional Mayan garb. She loves the intricate shapes and patterns that are weaved into the textiles, and inspired by the historical background that differentiates each style. Through her extensive knowledge of Guatemalan heritage from her studies at INTECAP, Caty has discovered the influence of the Mayan civilization within the Guatemalan lifestyle. Daily expressions, colors, flavors in food, and even the construction of the buildings in Guatemala reflect this deep-rooted cultural heritage. While Caty enjoys supporting the behind-the-scenes logistics so that travelers can relax and get the most out of their journey, she will always find an opportunity to share her love of the Mayan culture with others. She is also certified by INGUAT.


Founder & President

With a passion for traveling, an excitement for adventure, and an enthusiasm for culture, when Milind found Columbus Guatemala Travel the decision was easy to get involved with sharing the amazing country with others. While Milind still resides in the states, he tries to visit Guatemala and the wonderful team of Columbus Guatemala Travel every chance he has. Milind aspires to deliver the once-in-a-lifetime experience that he had in Guatemala with each of the organization's amazing guests.