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Meet your Compañero – Esteban

Name: Esteban but I also like to be called STEFANO – (I HAVE decided in my next life I want to come back as……….an Italian.) A Fun Fact About Me: I love to talk – sometimes non-stop Star Sign: Taurus – True to my trait – Can’t decide what to order from the menu Favorite […]

Meet your Compañero – Milind

Name: Milind A Fun Fact About Me: I was born in Panama (yes- I am a Latino) Star Sign:  Sagittarius – they say we are reckless and impulsive. Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Lago de Atitlan – it captivated me in the ways I didn’t expect and the fact that its 85,000 year old – how […]

Meet your Compañero – Juan aka JJ

Name: JJ A Fun Fact About Me: I grew up in a hippie family, which is probably why I love traveling. Star Sign: Leo – opinionated, confident but also very loyal and caring; Leos are the perfect friends to have on your side! Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Pacific Black Sand Beach How long working as […]

The Guatemalan Caravan – By Michael Jurik

Guest Post by Michael Jurik. The Guatemala Travel trip for Michael Jurik was designed by Columbus Guatemala Travel. Please reach out to us at and we will assist with planning your next Guatemala vacation.  The Guatemalan Caravan is NOT coming for America. In fact, an AMERICAN CARAVAN came to Guatemala and found PARADISE! Not […]

Meet your Compañera – Catherina

Name: Catherina Tittaferrante Galviz A Fun Fact About Me: I can hold a spoon only using my nose Star Sign: Aquarius Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Semuc Champey – Its so heavenly How long working as a tour guide: Third part of my life Something I Can’t Live Without: Coffee and Music Favorite Food: I love […]

Introduction – Columbus Guatemala Travel

Hola Campanero! Today we want to introduce our wonderful company – Columbus Guatemala Travel. As life begins to normalize in the post-covid world, we are realizing that travel is trending, and most everyone is catching the wanderlust bug or preparing for the “revenge trip”. And, why not? We deserve it after being in isolation for […]