Guatemala Journal

Meet your Compañera – Catherina

Meet your Compañera – Catherina

Name: Catherina Tittaferrante Galviz

A Fun Fact About Me: I can hold a spoon only using my nose

Star Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Semuc Champey – Its so heavenly

How long working as a tour guide: Third part of my life

Something I Can’t Live Without: Coffee and Music

Favorite Food: I love food. Period. But if I have to select one single meal for the rest of my life it will be Jocón or Estofado (with lots of vegetables as my own version).

A Fear I have: Spiders – Even though they are smaller than me. But then so is grenade.😱

Dream Vacation: Egypt – in general I am curious about the world.

My Favorite Movie/TV Show: Anne with an E, Magnificent century (Sultan Suleyman) , Binbir Gece (las mil y una noches).

Favorite Drink: Depends. Generally its water and coffee but once in a while I need some whisky or vodka 😁

Most Used Emoji: I am too lazy to type – I use them a lot. My most used ones  😂😍🤗

I am most proud of: My family

Secret Skill: I can fall a sleep easily, even standing up

Favorite Song: Hello by ADELE

People like me because: I know how to make people happy -I just listen and pay attention 🤗

Celebrity Crush: I got few – James McAvoy, Jude Law, Michael Fassbender, Halit Ergenc, Brad Pitt, Gary Cooper and couple more 😅 – my husband is going to be upset.

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