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Introduction – Columbus Guatemala Travel

Introduction – Columbus Guatemala Travel
Team Members at Columbus Guatemala Travel

Hola Campanero! Today we want to introduce our wonderful company – Columbus Guatemala Travel.

As life begins to normalize in the post-covid world, we are realizing that travel is trending, and most everyone is catching the wanderlust bug or preparing for the “revenge trip”. And, why not? We deserve it after being in isolation for the last couple years-at least for the sake of self-care and mental health. So, as you are dreaming about what destinations to visit, the memories and the experiences you want to create – we request you to keep Guatemala as one of your top vacation options. In the next few blog posts, we will share more about us and how we can be your travel resource in Guatemala. In the subsequent posts, we will also share a lot more detail about Guatemala – so stay tuned! In the mean time, here is quick little update from us.

During Covid our business got hit hard and it had an extensive impact on all of us. We came to a standstill. With travel restrictions in place all around the world, overnight all our tours got cancelled. We felt the impact right away and felt very lost. Like everyone else, we were scrambling to adjust to the new world order. To make ends meet, our tour guides quickly pivoted and found local call center jobs working for the likes of Walmart, Instacart, Citibank. The transition was rough – we went from sharing our beautiful country to “Hello, thank you for calling [company], this is Esteban! With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?” Nonetheless, we were grateful that we had a job. It paid bills and provided for our family. But at the same time we were missing our true passion – our desire to connect, being your local friend in Guatemala, to show our wonderful country, to help create memories. As Covid lingered around little longer, it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we knew at some point, people would be travelling again. People had to – we human beings have been exploring for ages- spreading civilization, exploring the vast space and surveying the deep ocean floor. So we took advantage of the downtime and decided to reorganize our company to get ready for the post-covid travel hunger. We reflected on our experiences, went thru old pictures, shared stories with each other, and wrote down everything on a piece of paper. We quickly realized that we are not just a travel company. With that in mind we created a mission statement that encapsulates what makes us unique. We are very proud of what we stand for and we would like to share our mission with you:

Our mission is to be your local compañero — your trusted companion — on your journey of experiencing the rich cultural landscape of our beautiful Guatemala. Unlike your typical travel company, we want to get to know you (like, really know you) and understand what makes you tick. We’re all about gaining a deeper understanding of our guests, our team and the communities around us so we can empower you to get to know our favorite place on earth in a truly meaningful way.

So, there you have it. We don’t want you to be a tourist. Stay away from the guidebook. Let’s go deeper. Let’s experience Guatemala like the locals and absorb into culture as much as possible.

Come travel with us! With your local friend, With Columbus Guatemala Travel!