Guatemala Journal

Meet your Compañero – Juan aka JJ

Meet your Compañero – Juan aka JJ

Name: JJ

A Fun Fact About Me: I grew up in a hippie family, which is probably why I love traveling.

Star Sign: Leo – opinionated, confident but also very loyal and caring; Leos are the perfect friends to have on your side!

Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Pacific Black Sand Beach

How long working as a tour guide: More than I had expected, hahaha since this is my passion its all good! I can do this for the rest of my life.

Something I Can’t Live Without: Coffee! It’s my fuel!

Favorite Restaurant in Antigua: Toko Baru – little restaurant in Antigua, food from Indonesia.

A Fear I have: Seeing in the mirror, ha.

Dream Vacation: European Trip.

My Favorite Movie/TV Show: Not much of a movie guy.

Favorite Drink: Water/Coffee/Beer

Most Used Emoji: Cool 😎

I am most proud of: My daughter

Secret Skill: I try to read all billboards when driving, I know that’s crazy!

Favorite Song: Under The Bridge-RHCP

People like me because: I try creating unforgettable experiences when we meet up!

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston

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