Guatemala Journal

Meet your Compañero – Milind

Meet your Compañero – Milind

Name: Milind

A Fun Fact About Me: I was born in Panama (yes- I am a Latino)

Star Sign:  Sagittarius – they say we are reckless and impulsive.

Favorite Guatemala Vacation Spot: Lago de Atitlan – it captivated me in the ways I didn’t expect and the fact that its 85,000 year old – how cool is that!

How long working as a tour guide: Too LOOOOONNNNGGGG – J/K. I work in the back office

Something I Can’t Live Without: Gallon of lotion for my dry skin

Favorite Restaurant in Guatemala: Fat Cat café – cool little café in Antigua run by people who love coffee

A Fear I have: Cleaning my room

Dream Vacation: Bhutan

My Favorite Movie/TV Show: Sopranos

Favorite Drink: Water and Old Fashioned with Rye whiskey

Most Used Emoji: You don’t want to know

I am most proud of: My dental hygiene routine

Secret Skill: I read the fine print and terms of condition

Favorite Song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

People like me because: I made them laugh that one time

Celebrity Crush: Minka Kelly