Sawdust Carpet Workshop

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per person
Duration: 3.5 hours
Languages: English / Spanish
Starts at: Ermita de Santa Lucía
  • Tour Guide
  • Workshop Elements
  • Lunch
  • Water

Tour Overview

Come to our wonderful workshop captivating traditions of the Easter Festival in Antigua as you discover the awe-inspiring alfombras (carpets). These elaborate, long rugs, crafted from vibrant flowers, colored sawdust, fragrant pine needles, and even artfully arranged fruits and vegetables, transform the streets into a mesmerizing tapestry during Semana Santa (Holy Week). Delve into the rich history of alfombras, spanning centuries, as you engage in a four-hour experience. Join hands with your local friends who will guide you through the intricate process of creating your own alfombra, blending cultural insights with hands-on artistic expression for an unforgettable and immersive cultural journey


Meeting Point

Ermita Santa Lucía

We will meet at the entrance of Ermita Santa Lucía at 01:00PM.
From this charming place full of cultural significance we will offer our workshop for the Procession of Jesus of Nazarene.

Introduction and Historical Background

Ermita Santa Lucía

Our knowledgeable team will provide a narrative context, weaving together the cultural significance and evolution of alfombras during Semana Santa as well as the introduction to the elements, significance of colors, patterns.
We will have a better understanding of the process we will go through during our workshop.


Ermita Sant Lucía

Roll up your sleeves, embrace the vibrant textures, and immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors. This is your moment to get creative with just one hour on the clock, every member of this extraordinary team plays a pivotal role in bringing our collective masterpiece to life.

Get ready to witness the magic unfold as you manipulate the flowers, colored sawdust, and other elements, feel the sense of camaraderie and the energy of collaboration as we work together to complete the workshop in the best standards. Your unique contribution adds a personal touch to the overall masterpiece.

We're grateful to have you as part of this artistic endeavor, and it's the combined creativity and effort of the entire team that will make our alfombra truly exceptional. Let the shared enthusiasm and commitment guide us as we transform our vision into a stunning reality within this limited timeframe.

Lunch Time

Ermita Santa Lucía

The Estofado, a rich and savory stew, tantalizes the taste buds with its harmonious blend of spices and slow-cooked perfection. Meanwhile, the Pescado Seco, dried fish offers a unique and flavorful experience.

Lunch becomes a delightful pause, moreover, it serves as a perfect interlude while waiting the procession to pass over the masterpiece you've crafted—a moment of shared pride and cultural celebration that will linger in your memory. 


Ermita Santa Lucía

We will gather to witness the solemn procession of Jesus de Nazareno, a central and deeply symbolic figure in the Holy Week traditions.

The rhythmic sounds of the procession, accompanied by the heartfelt prayers and traditions, create a powerful ambiance. Stand witness to this sacred event, appreciating the cultural and spiritual significance that unfolds before you.

Discover the Vigils

San Francisco El Alto

The vigils provide a space for introspection, allowing us to absorb the spiritual essence of Semana Santa. Let the flickering candles and solemn rituals transport you to a realm of tranquility, enhancing the depth.

Let the candlelight guide us through the intricate rituals, creating a serene ambiance that contrasts with the vibrant energy of earlier festivities.

Thank You and Farewell

Main Square

Cherish the memories, the connections made, and the profound experiences shared as we conclude our exploration in the very heart of this enchanting city.

It's time to express our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for being part of this cultural odyssey, for your creativity, and for contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our alfombra workshop.

Safe travels, and until we meet again, thank you and see you soon!

Uncover the profound meaning that has earned them the prestigious title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in November 2023. Engage in the hands-on process of creating your own carpet, connecting with the ancient art form while gaining insights into its heritage through gastronomy as well.

This four-hour immersive experience transcends mere observation to partake in the creation of a respectful offer. Unravel the historical tapestry that envelops these masterpieces, as each element weaves a narrative dating back hundreds of years guided by your local friends, you will embark on a creative journey, learning the intricate art of crafting your own alfombra. Following we invite you to one of the most beautiful and strong practices, lunch time discovering the flavors of two iconic Guatemalan dishes,”Estofado” and “Pescado Seco.”

This cultural odyssey is a captivating fusion of history, tradition, and hands-on artistic expression. Prepare to be enchanted, educated, and artistically inspired as you become a part of the living Easter Festival in Antigua.

Key Details

3.5 hours
English / Spanish
  • Tour Guide
  • Workshop Elements
  • Lunch
  • Water