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Duration: Day Trip from Antigua/Guatemala City, Day Trip from Flores, Overnight Trip
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Tour Overview

Tikal is one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring of Guatemala’s ancient Mayan cities. Hidden deep in the lush rainforests of northern Guatemala, a visit to these remarkable ruins in Flores is not to be missed on your itinerary!

The national park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Tikal is a protected area about 576 square kilometers, on the edge of the large “Reservade la Biósfera Maya”. Dating back to around 400 BC, Tikal was a powerhouse during the classic Mayan period, then gradually succumbed to a ruinous state in the midst of the jungle, until it was unearthed and excavated in the 20th century. Rising out of the dense jungle, the looming temples demonstrate the mighty civilization of the ancient Mayans.

Animal species that can be found include the howler and spider monkeys and toucans and parakeets. Exploring Tikal will help you discover the Mayan spiritual and universe vision. The overwhelming harmony hides one of the most important and majestic cities from Mayan Time.

Your tour guide is with you the whole way to fill you in on the history of the area and answer questions. The guide will also cover the bio-diversity of Tikal. You’ll hear the howler monkeys echoing off the temples and the spider monkeys swinging tree to tree. Tikal is host to toucans, coatimundi and a million other creatures great and small. Ruins will rise before you as they did in the days of antiquity like a stairway to heaven, as you follow in the footsteps of the ancients.

Custom tour to Tikal available with flight (from Belize or Guatemala City) and overnight accommodation (in Flores or in Tikal Jungle) available. Trips to other archeological destination near Tikal and/or Flores available as well. Please call or email us to plan your custom Tikal itinerary.





Three Tour Options:
1) Day Time Tour - Pick 9AM in the booking option
2) Sunrise + Day Time - Pick 3AM in the booking option
3) Sunset + Day Time - Pick 2PM in the booking option
Schedule, transportation and timing will be confirmed after the booking.

Exploring The Ruins

Tikal National Park

From Flores, its about one-and-half hour drive to Tikal and its very easy to get there. For overnight trip, we recommend staying at beautiful Jungle Lodge or Tikal Inn, which is located right next to the park entrance. Once you are inside the park, your local knowledgeable tour guide will take care of the park entrance and will help you fully understand why Tikal is so significant. Even with a guide, you will not trade-off your independence and can spend longer in one spot if you want to. We will explore The Grand Plaza (most important as it is the heart of Tikal) and Temple III, IV, V, VI. AT Temple II, in the Grand Plaza, you will also have an opportunity to climb for great view of the plaza in front of you. As we walk the park, we will also explore less known structures, but important in historical context.

For the sunrise tour, you will leave before the sun comes up. You will see the nocturnal animals when you first arrive. Your guide will take you to Temple IV to have the best view of one of the most amazing sunrises you will ever see. You will enjoy the awakening of the jungle and will see and hear the resident fauna come to life, with cheerful bird songs, celebrating a new day in Tikal.

For the Sunset tour, we will climb the west face of Temple IV. You will see the beginning of the evening set in, as nocturnal animals begin their daily routine.

Wildlife Spotting

Tikal National Park

Since Tikal is located deep within the jungles of Guatemala, you are likely to come across all manner of tropical rainforest species, including spider & howler monkeys, white lipped peccary, brocket deer, coati-mundis, toucans, scarlet macaws, parrots, ocelots and even jaguars. The forest is comprise of more than 300 species of birds (some of them migrating as far away from Louisiana and Kentucky), 200 tree species and over 2000 higher plants. Our guide will point out some of the species as we walk the park.

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Day Trip from Antigua/Guatemala City, Day Trip from Flores, Overnight Trip
English, Spanish
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  • This activity can be customized for private tour. Please call or email us.

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